We only work with organisations we trust

Our partnerships are important to us, here, at Montauk Consulting. We only work with organisations we trust to provide the most robust, comprehensive solutions available.

We are proud to be an official accredited partner of PSI Online and Clarity4D, both global organisations who have proven their excellence through consistent results.

Our founder, Fiona Flynn, is an Associate Director with Talking Talent an organisation which is a global leader in developing gender diversity training solutions.

All of these organisations share our values, which matters to us. We feel confident in aligning ourselves with them and presenting them to you, our client, as our partners.

Clarity4D was started in 2008 because the three directors saw the need for a simple colour profiling system to be available to a wider range of people. Personality profiling is traditionally used in business, and because of the cost, typically only senior managers benefit from self-understanding. Clarity4D provides a suite of profiles which can be used by people (young and older) who are going through a change in their lives, as well as people at every stage of their careers in the corporate world.


PSI Services is a global leader in workforce solutions with over 70 years experience delivering successful testing programmes to help people achieve success in their academic, personal, and work lives.
Since 2014, PSI has acquired leading testing technology and workforce assessment companies that now operate under the PSI brand. No one has the breadth and expertise of PSI to build today’s modern workforce.


Having an inclusive culture with diversity of thinking is essential to business performance. The only way to ‘shift the dial’ on tough gender and commercial targets is to build more inclusive cultures where everyone is engaged and can reach their potential. That’s why Talking Talent exists: enabling leaders, individuals and organisations to succeed by unlocking the full power and potential from within – delivering coaching programmes and consultancy that ignite companywide behavioural shifts.