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Celebrate National Workplace Wellbeing day

Today, March 31st is National Workplace Wellbeing day in Ireland and what a beautiful day for it! Hope the sun is shining wherever you are?

The benefits of workplace welbeing are immense for both the employer and employee:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced Stress
  • Better working relationships
  • Improved morale
  • Improved Self-confidence
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased profits over the long –term.


According to research from IBEC and ESRI – work related stress and absenteeism is costing Irish businesses Eur1.5 billion a year, with an average length of absense from work of 14 days.

Wellbeing enables employers and employees to achieve their full potential


To celebrate National Workplace Wellbeing day, we at Foresight want to give you 10 ideas that you can put into practice to improve the climate and workplace wellbeing – not just today, but everyday!

10 Ideas to improve Workplace Wellbeing

  1. Check-in with people at the beginning of each meeting. How are they feeling? What do they need to leave at the door? The more present people are at meetings the more productive and effective they will be.
  2. Take a 121 meeting outside – try having a 121 meeting outside having a walk – it will be interesting to feel and see the difference
  3. Appreciate someone today – take time out to thank someone for their input and efforts.
  4. Give a team member some positive and constructive feedback today. Notice one thing they have done really well
  5. Go to lunch with a team mate for 30 mins and don’t talk about work – What are they doing for the weekend?
  6. Observe at team meetings – appoint one of the the team to observe and feedback on behaviours that are constructive and destructive at team meetings
  7. Smile more and look people in the eye
  8. Be aware of your own feelings – if stressed or burnt out – take time out to meditate or plan a renew activity at the weekend
  9. Practise Empathetic listening – it is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to improve relationships. Giving someone your undivided attention will build rapport, gain trust and help them to problem solve.
  10. Keep your promises both at home and work

I’d love to get your feedback on practising some of these ideas. At Foresight, we work with individuals and teams to be at their best by being more aware and developing their Emotional Intelligence. Let’s make our workplaces fun and productive.

Have a great Workplace Wellbeing day.




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