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Just Lean Into It

Have you ever had a huge goal or task to complete that at the time seemed overwhelming?

It may be that you are currently facing such a challenge with a new target that your boss has just set you and you’re still in shock and don’t know where to start!

In July 2014 I took a decision to compete in the Copenhagen Ironman and left myself with just 3 weeks to get myself into some sort of shape, although I’ve completed various Ironman races previously, I’ve never given myself such little time to prepare.

From the moment of decision, I threw myself into a training plan with a sharpness of focus that was possibly driven by the fear of the potential pain of the race if I didn’t do the key sessions prior to the race. I leaned into the process (training) and finished the race.

I can also remember very clearly when I was in a sales role and had to make a load of cold calls to directors of various global organisations, at the time I had my boss and one of the top sales guys listening to every word waiting to give me feedback once I’d finish the call!

The sheer fear I had of picking up the phone to speak to a complete stranger who wasn’t expecting my call was terrifying, it had me in a vice like grip of not wanting to go near that phone, I’d procrastinate as much as I could to put off the inevitable! The truth of the matter was that I had to make the calls and I was turning it all in my head and thinking about all the possible negative outcomes from the calls I’d have to make!

Luckily for me, I was an account manager for a Mindset company and sure enough, once I’d spoken about my fears and was able to re-focus my thinking, it wasn’t long before I set new company records for meetings & workshops booked.

Ultimately, I just leaned into it and learnt by doing! Each time I made a call, I got a result, it might not have been the result I was looking for but I did get a result. Once I put the phone down, I got feedback from the more experienced guys who’d heard it all before, and they helped me navigate around that situation for the next call.

The same is true for you and your business, the most important thing is to make a start, that start is first made in your mind, it’s a decision that you need to make that you are going to commit to the goal and that you’ll do everything you can to see it through to completion.

Any ‘speed bumps’ that appear along the way are just that; they appear to help you pay attention to where your energy is required so that you get it right! (It’s just feedback, if you’re not getting the results you want) Results, whether they are good or bad, are decided in your own head. It’s better not to label them good or bad, it’s just a result!

A better way to look at it, is to unpick the actions that led to the results, results leave clues along the way and you can unravel the steps you took and tweak tiny bits in the process so that you get a different result for next time.

When the new targets land on your laptop or are presented to you at that meeting or even for  goals you’ve set for yourself personally or professionally, the first decision to make is whether you believe you CAN achieve them! If you don’t believe it’s possible, you’re in trouble from the start and there’s a really high chance that your sub conscious mind will conspire with that thought and ensure that you don’t achieve it!

We all know that last years target is likely to be pointing upwards for the following year, so it shouldn’t be a big surprise that whatever you did last year is only going to go so far towards helping you hit the new target. You are going to have to change how you approach this new challenge, you are going to have to get on with it as soon as possible, before you lose to much time procrastinating and wondering whether it’s possible or not!

“Destiny is shaped in the moment of decision”. Tony Robbins

Some of the old strategies to get going are to just make a start, before you make a start you have to decide to start, I know this sounds silly but the decision always comes first, once you’ve made the decision, you need to follow it up with action and start gathering some momentum, before you know it, you’re on your way.

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