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The Mirror is always right.

There’s no getting away with it, if you want the truth you will get it when you look in the mirror.

Whether it’s as simple as looking at your physical appearance to check out how you are progressing towards your fitness goals or if you are doing a deeper dive into other aspects of your life, it never lies, the truth will always be there!

You can fool yourself but if you are willing to be truthful it will be plain to see!

The mirror principle is a powerful coaching approach and requires the individual to look at what is showing up in their lives and take 100% personal responsibility for everything.

The main challenge people have with this simple yet highly effective tool, is that it’s easier to blame circumstance, other people, the global economy and a whole host of other excuses so that they don’t have to look at how they are responding to the curve balls that life throws.

The curve balls will be different for all of us, but when they happen, we all have an opportunity to respond in an emotionally intelligent way, that will then determine the fingerprint you end up leaving in that moment.

Whenever I’ve pulled on the thread and unravelled it all the way back to the start, it’s always led back to me doing something which is now showing up in the current moment. The simple principal of cause and effect is really what I’m talking about here.

If you look at the results you are currently getting right now in your life, the predecessor to it all will be a series of thoughts and behaviours that have led to the results. Ultimately, you will have had a choice in every decision you have had to make along your journey.

When we choose to avoid the mirror work, we miss the opportunity to find out what’s really going on and in turn miss the opportunity to learn and grow.

As a leader, it’s easy to fall into the bear trap of blaming your team members for a poor result and it’s where most of us would usually go,  most of the time it’s in an attempt to get a change in their behaviour to get a different outcome.

Once again, whenever I’ve sat with a leader in a coaching session and asked them to unravel where this all started, they very quickly realise that it sits with themselves. It always links back to something they’ve either said or not said that has triggered the resulting thoughts and behaviours in their team members, which in turn has led to the results!

Being fully present and crystal clear in every conversation you have will have a dramatic effect on the results.

The real gems in learning come from doing the mirror work, it’s tougher but the short and long term growth will improve your performance and your relationships with everyone you interact with at home and in your professional life as well.

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