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Top Mentoring tips for 2021

Following a recent collaboration between Enterprise Ireland and PWN Dublin (Professional Womens’ Network) where we launched the 2021 Mentoring programme, we wanted to share with you the insights from the session that will support you to thrive in 2021.

Amanda Kirk,  Manager of the Mentor Network with Enterprise Ireland, and in her spare time volunteering as Co-VP Mentoring with PWN Dublin, in discussion with Fiona Flynn,  Founder Montauk Consulting and President of PWN Dublin reviewed the highlights of the event which included,

  • Keynote from Julie Sinnamon, CEO, Enterprise Ireland
  • Garrett Murray –  National Director for Horizon Europe , Enterprise Ireland

There was such energy, honesty and nuggets of advice and inspiration that we felt it was important to share.

Self–Confidence – Self and others:

An overwhelming message from Julie Sinnamon and the panelists was to focus intently on self-confidence; building your own self-confidence and building the confidence of others is paramount for career development and success.  Put your hand up for the promotion, make it known what your talents and passions are, put yourself out there, take action and move forward.  Mentoring has been described as “a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction” by John Crosby. Engage your mentor to support and stretch you.

Power of Human Connection:

Take time to reach out to others for advice, support, feedback and to build your network.   Sometimes mentoring is about asking someone to meet for a coffee and asking for their advice.  During Covid-19 we should not retreat into our shells but instead reach out to current and previous connections. Nurturing your networks in a proactive and authentic way is key to your advancement and self-development.

Take Responsibility and Have Courage:

In your working career, you will hit speed bumps and barriers. How you respond  (as opposed to react) to the situation will determine your success.  Your response determines your future! 

In every crisis there are opportunities. 2021 could be the year for you to seize those opportunities.  

Julie shared the inspirational words from Lewis Hamilton in his speech after the record equalling 7th F1 Championship in Turkey in November 2020….

“Dream the imposssible,  speak it into existence, work for it, chase it, never give up and never doubt yourself….”

2021  may seem like a tough and challenging year, however, it is an opportunity, as a mentor, to realise the potential in others and, as a mentee, to dream the impossible and create your own narrative.

Amanda Kirk – Manager Mentor Network, Enterprise Ireland , VP Mentoring  PWN Dublin

Fiona  Flynn – Founder Montauk Consulting  (, President PWN Dublin (

Reference:  Lewis Hamilton Interview

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