Introducing Montauk Consulting

Our business name, Montauk Consulting, hails from a fishing village on the tip of the Long Island peninsula in New York. At the very tip of the peninsula, sometimes referred to as the ‘end of the world’, sits a lighthouse that dates back to 1796.

Fiona Flynn, our founder, first visited this lighthouse during a summer spent in New York as a student on her J1 visa. New York was a rich learning ground for Fiona, where she was impressed by the ambition and ‘can-do’ attitude of the American culture.

Throughout her career to date, Fiona has been lucky enough to meet and surround herself with mentors who have supported and stretched her learning, and guided her development. These people acted much like the lighthouse of Fiona’s youth which guided ships safely to the harbour.

Now, at Montauk Consulting, Fiona and her highly experienced team feel privileged to take up the mantle, lighting the way, acting as a symbol of awareness, strength, and resilience for our clients who entrust us with their own development.

The icon represents the light of the famous
Montauk Lighthouse at Montauk Point on the
tip of Long Island, NY, USA. The Montauk Lighthouse
epitomises our brand character, as
a lighthouse acts as a strong guiding light,
warning of dangers and guiding safe passage
through stormy waters.

The colours represent communication (blue), sociability (orange) and sustainability (green)

We care about strong leadership in this turbulent world. We care about shaping organisations where people are happy to spend their time and, ultimately, we care about your success.

In remembering that summer at Montauk lighthouse, which houses historical documents signed by the first leader of the United States, George Washington, Fiona feels a sense of deep satisfaction knowing that her journey in personal and professional development will now pave the way for others to follow.

We look forward to guiding you in yours.

Our core values are embedded in who we are and how we work!

We are passionate about and experienced in transforming human performance and employee engagement.

We take time to understand your business and the journey you’ve taken so far. By understanding your organisation’s current culture, we get a better sense of your unique DNA.
Each of our programmes are tailored at the beginning and throughout as we react flexibly to our discoveries of your needs and challenges as we work together.

Central to our approach is a focus on extracting comprehensive diagnostics, including participant’s lived experience, which allows us to deliver the most relevant content to each situation. We raise awareness, challenge existing beliefs of individuals and teams, and are as invested as you in seeing results.

Our Values


Raise your awareness of
self and others.
Understand your beliefs,
attitudes and behaviours
and their impact on others
and you.


Strength of character –
knowing yourself and your
values. Being consistent,
respected. Being true to


Built by continuous
learning, connecting with
others, building your
support network,
stretching outside your
comfort zone.

Human Connection

Our Purpose

Inspiring results through the power of human connection

montauk consulting face earth
  • Increase human connection and personal awareness through tools rooted in neuroscience to maximise efficiencies, profits and team dynamics, enabling teams and organisations to thrive.
  • Transform human performance and employee engagement.
  • Understand your organisation’s current culture extract comprehensive diagnostics to allow us to deliver the most relevant content to each situation.
  • Raise awareness and challenging existing beliefs of individuals and teams.change the way people see themselves.
  • Change the way people see themselves.

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