Measure emotional intelligence levels in your organisation

Our personality is the main determining factor in how we show up as an employee or leader. Our emotional intelligence is how we manage that personality to be personally and interpersonally effective.

Emotional intelligence levels can be enhanced through specific work and is the principle upon which all our work at Montauk Consulting is built. Our work in developing leaders through emotional Intelligence has given clients:

  • Greater clarity,
  • Better relationships,
  • Increased performance and job satisfaction
  • More engaged, committed employees,
  • A climate of collaboration and productivity.

Measuring emotional intelligence is an important first step in developing it within teams and organisations.

The EIP3 emotional intelligence diagnostic tool has been developed over 25 years by our accrediting partner, PSI Online. Registered with the British Psychological Society, the EIP3 draws on the neuroscience of emotional intelligence to measure the attitudes which fuel the feelings behind our behaviours.

Over 20,000 leaders worldwide have benefitted from the insights provided by EIP3.

Fiona flyn from Montauk Consulting

“Effective and sustained human connectedness, collaboration, and teamwork are what really differentiates great organisations. These factors in turn are driven and influenced by the behaviours of individuals, particularly our leaders.”

“Behaviours are underpinned by individual beliefs, attitudes, and emotional intelligence.”

Benefits Include:

  • Deliver a developmental route map to unlock and realise potential,
  • Identify the attitudes underpinning an individual’s thoughts and emotions,
  • Develop emotional resilience among leaders and team members,
  • Create a climate of high-performance through understanding,
  • Future-proof your business by amplifying the qualities necessary for long-term success.

The EIP3 tool can be deployed as a diagnostic tool alone, or as part of a wider emotional intelligence team or leadership development programme.

Find out more about how we can use the power of emotional intelligence to improve productivity,
effectiveness, and working relationships in your team.