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leadership development programme by montauk consultingLeaders possess the power to guide teams to success or failure. It is they who create the climate in which individuals flourish or flounder.

A leader’s style impacts productivity, engagement, and well-being at every level, from the boardroom to the frontline teams. Ensuring a leader’s ability to guide with judgement and integrity, while inspiring others to follow, is imperative to the success of any organisation.

Our leadership development programme is customised to meet your specific needs with the aim of empowering leaders to develop their unique leadership style and deliver positive behavioural change within their teams.

Using principles derived from emotional intelligence, we focus on the development of the specific behaviours that build trust, establish clear expectations, and foster collaboration so that teams thrive.

We use four key principles to guide leaders in developing an atmosphere that promotes a positive change in attitudes and behaviours, where team compatibility is realised, and individuals are inspired to step into their full potential.

  • The 4 Principles of a Positive Leadership Climate:
    2. Create an atmosphere of openness,
    1. Adopt a positive attitude,
    3. Encourage responsibility,
    4. Value and appreciate others.

The 4 Principles of a Positive Leadership Climate

  • 1. Adopt a positive attitude
    2. Create an atmosphere of openness
    3. Encourage responsibility
    4. Value and appreciate others

Benefits Include:

  • Deepen self-awareness, self-belief, and confidence,
  • Build a climate of trust, openness, and responsibility,
  • Maintain performance levels in the face of adversity,
  • Influence, motivate, and stretch others,
  • Harness the strength of diversity for greater innovation and results.

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