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Turning teams into a high-performance team

The success of every organisation depends on the ability of its members to work effectively in teams. Collaboration makes up approximately 80% of all activities within a given organisation. If the individuals involved are not primed to work well together, it can have catastrophic consequences across the organisation.

High-performance teams are built on a solid foundation of trust. At Montauk Consulting, we go further, our extensive Team Development Programme focusses on developing a climate of trust, openness, and engagement.

Working from the top down, our programme utilises the principles of emotional intelligence to magnify the conditions in which a team is equipped to thrive. Our facilitators draw on organisational context, culture, climate, and interpersonal dynamics to maximise team effectiveness.

The process unifies individuals, creates group aspirations, and activates passive players to become invested stakeholders.

Benefits Include:

  • Understand and fully utilise the diverse strengths of your team,
  • Develop a climate of respect, openness, honesty, and accountability,
  • Increase emotional resilience across the team to ensure continued productivity,
  • Foster an environment where challenges are embraced as opportunities for improvement,
  • Champion the human qualities of each team member so that everyone can give of their best.

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