Have you got what it takes to lead others to the top?

Grit, influence, magnetism, empathy and so much more…

We work with senior executives to guide them to release their full potential and create an environment of trust, openness, accountability, and collaboration.

Montauk Consulting works with ambitious, progressive leaders who are eager to lead and inspire teams within progressive organisations to achieve exceptional results.

These leaders possess enthusiasm for, and belief in, their organisation. They understand the need to develop a nurturing, engaging climate to allow their teams to deliver.

The people we work with want to develop their emotional intelligence capabilities to better manage themselves and allow their teams to thrive through connection and collaboration.

Emotional intelligent leaders are better able to manage themselves and create a positive climate where people can collaborate and thrive.

Our experience has revealed the following desires among our clientele:

female senior ceo montauk consulting


  • Build a legacy of note.
  • Create an organisation that everyone wants to work in.
  • Achieve sustainable business results,
  • Empower people to adapt in challenging situations.
  • Inspire others to be creative, solution- focused, ambitious.
  • Values authencity, collaboration, trust.
line manager montauk consulting


  • Create impactful development programmes.
  • Thriving behaviours are seen on a daily basis.
  • Support employee retention and increase engagement.
  • Create a healthy workplace that  delivers exceptional results.
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Line Manager

  • Lead the team that everyone wants to work in
  • Ambitious for growth
  • Support and stretch your team to be at their best
  • Enable trust and a safe place to be yourself
  • Create a self-managing team
  • Encourage healthy competition.

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